Bilateral Vestibulopathy

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Incomplete bilateral vestibulopathy

Head-impulse test: When the head is quickly turned to the right, there is a clear refixation saccade. When the head is turned to the left (10 seconds), there is a minor refixation saccade. Romberg testing with the eyes open even under difficult conditions the patient shows no increased sway. Closing the eyes (42 seconds). Tandem Romberg (32 seconds) with the eyes closed leads to increased sway. Standing on one leg (40 seconds) with the eyes closed leads to a fall to the left. This indicates a sensory deficit.

Head-impulse test: When the head is quickly turned to the right, there is a clear refixation saccade. When the head is turned to the left (10 seconds), there is a minor refixation saccade. Romberg testing with the eyes open even under difficult conditions the patient shows no increased sway. Closing the eyes (42 seconds). Tandem Romberg (32 seconds) with the eyes closed leads to increased sway. Standing on one leg (40 seconds) with the eyes closed leads to a fall to the left. This indicates a sensory deficit.